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Pets are an important part of our lives. We at Osun Pet Supply are pet owners too! We have two LOVELY CATS ! As the PARENTS of two LOVELY CATS, we want to provide them with the best standard of living within our financial means, so I bought them a dryer to give them a bath once a month, an automatic feeder to feed and check their diet every day, toys to entertain them when I am off work, a luxury cat villa to provide them with the warmest home and I also bought them an automatic litter box to check their daily defecation and urination ...

We found that those products are very easy to use and bring us lots of convenience, because we want to share our experience with every pet lover, we set up a trading company to find the best pet products and offer parenting advice to all pet lovers!

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Our goal is to provide suitable products to every pet lover ! We desire to meet every pet lover's needs as a pet owner while making it easier to spend more time with their pets. If you are here, it is because you have the same goal as us. Let's work together to provide the most suitable pet supplies for all pet lovers!
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Certified Products

Sedex BSCI, ISO9001 Certifications EN71, ROHS, CPC, SGS, CA65 standard

We Deal With Various Quality Products!

Our Advantages:

In-depth Knowledge of Domestic Suppliers

We have a comprehensive understanding of domestic suppliers and are well-versed in the strengths and weaknesses of each product. This allows us to recommend the most suitable products to our clients.

Low Minimum Order Quantity

Our minimum order quantity starts at just 300 units, and we even allow clients to purchase a single product for initial testing purposes.

Carefully Curated Product Selection

Every product we sell undergoes meticulous selection. We purchase samples and have our own cats test them for a month to identify any issues. We make improvements before introducing the new product to the market.

Wide Product Variety

While our current product range may not be extensive, we can source and provide any new product you’re looking for.

Market Testing on VK

We maintain our own social media account with over 1,000 friends, allowing us to test the market’s interest in our products.

In-house Product Development Team

We have our own team dedicated to exploring and testing interesting new products. Once validated in the market, we recommend them to our distributors.
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