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Automatic cat litter box Automatic Cat Litter Robot LR-B
smart pet feeder

Automatic Cat Feeder

Smart cat feeder
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Cat Water Dispenser

cat water fountain
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Automatic cat litter box

Osun offers a wide range of cat automatic supplies for you: Cat dryer box, food feeder, water fountain, litter box

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Cat Food Feeder

Automatic cat feeders are a must for anyone who wants to feed their cat while they are out and about, either during the day or on a short holiday.

Cat Water Dispenser

Loading radar sensor, once the cat gets close to the water dispenser, the water dispenser will come out, the water dispenser will come out.

Cat Drying Box

This Pet Drying Box has a capacity of 64L, providing spacious space for your pets over 6 months old.allows two pets to dry at the same time without feeling crowded.

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Customers Reviews

This is a cool and innovative automatic pet dryer box, at first my cat Tina was kind of nervous to go in there but then she was having the time of her life inside, she felt the warmth and she was lying so comfortably.

Hot sell cat dryer box

360 °surround wind. Ultimate drying solution. Worry-free ventilation. Home professional beauty. professional after-sales service

Excellent dryer, it can put down my big cat of 15LB. It has an adjustable temperature and you can control the maximum temperature yourself.
Johnda Pugh

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