Osun Cat Hair Drying Box | O-HD-D

  • One-Touch Startup with Timer Function: Easily start the drying process with a single touch, automatically setting the temperature to 32° for a 30-minute drying session.
  • Dual Sterilization: Combines UV light and high-temperature sterilization to ensure a hygienic grooming environment, featuring a large hair collector for easy maintenance.
  • Adjustable Temperature and Three-Speed Airflow: Customize the drying experience to suit your cat’s specific needs with adjustable temperature settings and three-speed airflow options.
  • Dual Grooming Windows: Equipped with grooming windows on both sides, allowing you to soothe and groom your pet simultaneously for a stress-free experience.
  • Three-Dimensional Air Outlet: Provides fast and comprehensive drying with its innovative three-dimensional circulating air outlet, ensuring thorough coverage and efficiency.
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Osun Cat Hair Drying Box: The Ultimate Pet Grooming Solution

Discover the perfect grooming companion for your feline friends with the Osun Cat Hair Drying Box. As a leading manufacturer and factory-direct provider of premium pet care products, Osun is proud to present this innovative and efficient drying solution designed with both pet and owner in mind. Our Cat Hair Drying Box is packed with advanced features to ensure a safe, comfortable, and thorough drying experience for your beloved cats.

Osun Cat Hair Drying Box O-HD-D

Key Features:

1. One-Touch Startup at 32° for 30 Minutes with Timing Function:

  • Simplify your cat’s grooming routine with our easy-to-use one-touch startup feature. The precise timing function ensures optimal drying time, making it convenient and efficient.

2. Computer Touch Control Panel:

  • Enjoy precise control over the drying process with our intuitive touch control panel. Adjust settings effortlessly to tailor the experience to your cat’s needs.

3. One-Touch Illumination:

  • Illuminate the drying box with a single touch, providing clear visibility to monitor your pet’s comfort and safety throughout the drying process.

4. Adjustable Temperature and Three-Speed Airflow:

  • Customize the drying environment with adjustable temperature settings and three-speed airflow, catering to the specific needs of short-haired and long-haired cats.

5. Advanced Sterilization Method:

  • Ensure a hygienic grooming experience with UV light and high-temperature sterilization. The built-in large hair collector and dual hair collectors in the circulating air duct make handling pet hair shedding a breeze.

6. Dual Cat Grooming Windows:

  • Soothe and groom your cat simultaneously with dual grooming windows on both sides. These windows allow for gentle interaction, reducing stress and providing a calming effect during the drying process.

7. Optimal Drying Time:

  • Achieve efficient drying results with specific timings: 25-30 minutes for short-haired cats and 35-40 minutes for long-haired cats. This ensures your pet is dry and comfortable in no time.

8. Three-Dimensional Circulating Air Outlet:

  • Experience fast and comprehensive drying with our innovative three-dimensional circulating air outlet, designed to cover all areas for thorough and speedy drying.

9. Visible Top Window:

  • Monitor your cat’s drying process with the visible window on the top, offering peace of mind and ensuring your pet’s comfort at all times.
Cat Hair Drying Box
Cat Hair Drying Box

Why Choose Osun?

At Osun, we prioritize the well-being of your pets. Our Cat Hair Drying Box combines state-of-the-art technology with user-friendly features, making it an essential addition to any pet owner’s grooming toolkit. As a direct manufacturer and factory, we guarantee the highest quality and durability, providing you with a reliable product that will serve your pet care needs for years to come.

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