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Introducing a best litter box for cats O-LR-A that liberates your hands effortlessly! This innovative device is equipped with sensors capable of detecting the presence of multiple cats with varying weights, meticulously recording their elimination patterns. Stay informed at a glance through the user-friendly mobile app. Once your feline friends have completed their business, the litter box automatically initiates the cleaning process, utilizing UV sterilization and ozone deodorization for a pristine environment. Osun also offers a compact version of a automatic cat litter box O-LR-B for those seeking a smaller option.

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Cat owners who travel often face a problem when their cats are left alone. Normal litter boxes need daily cleaning, and it’s handy if a friend can help out. Some people choose pet hospitals for boarding, but it can cost more, and my cat got sick last time, so I’m cautious about it. So, we found a solution – an automatic litter box. Choose a best litter box for cats, it can be left alone for 10-14 days, cleaning itself after each use. No more daily hassle, and it’s safer than traditional options.

Best Litter Box for Cats

Revamping the O-LR-A Feature for the Best Litter Box for Cats

  • Door Curtains: You can enjoy a clean home, as it blocks cat litter dust and reduces odors, ensuring a fresh living space.
  • 3 Infrared (IR) Sensor: The robot automatically stops when a cat gets close, promoting safety and preventing any disturbances.
  • Fully Enclosed Design: The built-in Ozone deodorization eliminates odors without the need for additional purchases, ensuring a consistently fresh environment.
  • Easy Disassembly and Washable: Simple disassembly and washable components make maintenance a breeze, keeping the robot clean and ready for use.
  • Intelligent APP Control: With one click, control the robot to pour cat litter or add cat litter using the convenient and user-friendly mobile app.
  • Identify Multiple Cats: The system can intelligently identify and cater to the needs of multiple cats, ensuring a personalized and efficient cleaning process.
  • Detect the Weight of Litter and Cats: 8 Gravity sensors accurately detect the weight of litter and cats, and you’ll always know any information.
  • Anti-Pinch System for Cats: The robot features an anti-pinch system to ensure the safety of your cats, preventing any accidental harm during operation.

Why Choose O-LR-A?

This litter box is the first thing Osun recommends you consider, if you have your own cattery, or if you are a supplier of cat supplies, or if you own your own cats, this litter box from O-LR-A is highly recommended for your consideration. With its large interior space, it can be used by a wide range of cats, and cats up to 8kg can turn around and use it with ease.
O-LR-A automatic cat litter box has ozone deodorizing and UV sterilizing functions, and every time your cat finishes going to the toilet, he will clean himself and sift the cat’s feces into the discriminating collection frame by himself. And turn on the UV light for 30 seconds to sterilize and then ozone deodorize for 30 seconds.
The O-LR-A connects to your mobile app, so no matter how many cats you have, it can recognize which one has just used the automatic litter box, and you can monitor your cat’s health through its fecal data.

Best Litter Box for cats

Best Litter Box for Cats: I can try to monitor each cat through the APP. If you have many hair, I can distinguish each cat based on weight. After 300g is discharged, I will automatically clean up, and I will judge the daily bowel movements of each cat, and accurately gives your pet health.

Go out without worry

  • Large capacity storagel: 10L
  • One cat extra long hosting for 15 days

Do automatic cat litter boxes need special litter?

Crystal Mineral Cat Litter 01
Crystal Mineral Cat Litter

Osun automatic litter box is compatible with most cat litters on the market and can be used for 10-14 days before needing to change the litter. However, we highly recommend trying Osun own crystal and mineral litter for optimal results. With Osun O-LR-A automatic litter box, it has been tested to last for over 20 days for two cats or a month for one cat, with no unpleasant odors. Learn more the Osun Crystal Mineral Cat Litter.

Is this litter box easy to use?

First of all, after you buy it back, you need to download the App software according to the guide of the instruction manual, connect your cell phone and the automatic cat litter box through Wifi, you can control your cat litter box through your cell phone, or you can operate it directly on the cat litter box, no matter you want to change the litter, clean the litter manually and sterilize and deodorize the litter box, you can easily get it done. You can check your cat’s weight, the remaining weight of the litter, and the weight of the feces in the screen of the litter box.

Is it suitable for my big cat?

best litter box for catsThis cat litter box, hailed as the Best Litter Box for Cats, is crafted to comfortably house typical-sized felines. Whether your cat boasts a more substantial physique, weighing in at 7-8 kilograms, they can luxuriate in its spacious interior. Tailoring our offering for larger cats, we proudly provide personalized customization to ensure that your beloved pet experiences the epitome of the Best Litter Box for Cats.

The Ultimate Cat Care Automation Trio for On-the-Go Owners

Unleash worry-free living for your feline friends, especially for cat enthusiasts on the go, with Osun Cat Care Automation Trio. Whether you’re a frequent traveler or embarking on a business trip, equip your home with the essentials: an advanced cat litter box, a fully automated feeder, and a state-of-the-art water dispenser. This trio ensures your cat’s well-being in your absence, providing a seamless automated solution to maintain their litter needs, feeding schedule, and hydration. With this comprehensive set, you can confidently nurture your cat’s independence while you’re away. Elevate your cat care experience—explore the Cat Care Automation Trio today.

How to Purchase – Ideal for Dealers

For Dealers eager to enhance their product offerings, acquiring our innovative cat litter box is a straightforward process. Simply provide your contact information below, and our team will promptly reach out to facilitate the seamless purchase of our top-notch products. We understand the importance of evaluating quality firsthand; hence, we offer samples for your convenience. Click here to explore the sample guidelines.

Transportation is available through sea freight, land transport, or air freight. For a comprehensive overview of our shipping methods, click here to shipment detailed information. The minimum order quantity for this model is 10 units, ensuring flexibility to meet your business needs. Trust us to provide a hassle-free and efficient procurement experience as you venture into offering the Best Litter Box for Cats. Leave your details, and let’s embark on a partnership that prioritizes quality and customer satisfaction. Rest assured, every batch of goods comes with a 1-year warranty. Click here to review the warranty terms.

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