Interactive Cat Toy for Fun Pet Cat Training Products CT-I01

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Interactive Cat Toy CT-I01

This interactive cat toy CT-I01 is available in four colors: lake blue, green, yellow and pink.
This Interactive toy is perfect for your cat! It has a lot of different elements that your cat will love, and it’s designed to fulfill all of their play needs. Plus, you can even customize it to suit your cat’s preferences. Isn’t that great?
Interactive Cat Toy 001

CT-I01 which contain elements are:

1.Rotating cat teaser stick: it can attract cats’ attention and let them play to their heart’s content;
2. Oversized catnip ball: it can satisfy cats’ love for catnip and help them relax and play;
3. Transparent cat hole: allows cats to observe the outside world while increasing the fun of playing;
4. Various small balls: including 1 light-up ball, 2 cat teasing balls and 3 plush cat teasing balls, providing different play experiences;
5. Teasing cat feathers: the main body shell has small holes of different sizes for cats to reach in and play.


Interactive Cat Toy 005

Wow, this toy sounds amazing! It’s great that it can keep cats entertained for longer periods of time and the added bonus of being able to put snacks in it is a fantastic idea. Your cat is going to love playing with this interactive toy!
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