Osun Multiple Cat Automatic Feeder | O-CF-C

  • Smart Feeding, Healthy Living: Scientific feeding with regular rationing keeps pets healthy, preventing obesity and malnutrition.
  • 2.7L Large Capacity: Designed for small pets, it stores 1.3 kg of dry pet food, enough for about 18 days for an average adult cat.
  • Anti-Stuck Food Design: Innovative structure with a soft mixer ensures precise grain production and prevents food from getting stuck.
  • Dual Power Supply: Supports both battery and plug-in power with low energy consumption, ensuring continuous operation even during power outages.
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Osun Multiple Cat Automatic Feeder (Model: O-CF-C)


Osun Multiple Cat Automatic Feeder, model O-CF-C, the ultimate solution for scientific feeding and maintaining a healthy lifestyle for your pets. This state-of-the-art feeder ensures regular rationing, helping your pets eat less, more frequently, and on a consistent schedule, promoting overall well-being.


  • Easy to Use: The CNC panel is located on the back of the feeder, preventing pets from tampering with the settings.
  • Button Type: For those who prefer a straightforward approach, this version requires no WiFi. Simply press the key settings on a clear operation panel.
  • WiFi Type: For tech-savvy pet owners, the WiFi-enabled version allows remote control via a mobile app, making setting adjustments simple and fast.

Key Features:


  • Scientific Feeding: Regular rationing ensures pets eat less, more frequently, promoting better health and preventing obesity and malnutrition.
  • Eat Regularly: The feeder encourages pets to eat at set intervals, ensuring they stay healthy and energized.


  • Sufficient Storage: With a 2.7L capacity, this feeder is designed for small pets and can store up to 1.3kg of dry pet food, sufficient for about 18 days of feeding for an ordinary adult cat.


  • Innovative Structure: The Multiple Cat Automatic Feeder unique design mixes grains efficiently with a soft mixer, ensuring precise grain production and preventing any food from getting stuck.
  • Sweep All Residuals: The new grain design ensures all food in the bucket is consumed, leaving no waste behind.


  • Reliable Power: Operates on both battery and plug-in power, ensuring your pets are fed even during power outages.
  • Low Energy Consumption: Designed to consume minimal energy, making it an eco-friendly choice.


  • Eat Regularly: The automated feeding schedule helps pets maintain a healthy eating habit, making them less prone to obesity and malnutrition.
  • Peace of Mind: Allows pet owners to leave home without worrying about their pets going hungry.
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