Osun | Wooden Cat House O-CHH-C Series

  1. Thickened plates
  2. Water and moisture resistant
  3. Alloy door frame
  4. 3C toughened glass
  5. Temperature display
  6. Cat ventilation window
  7. No nail holes on surface
  8. With free access door
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Wooden Cat House O-CHH-C Series:

We’re excited to offer you a variety of options when it comes to cat houses! We’ve designed three different styles based on our customers’ preferences, so you can choose the perfect one for your furry friend. Each house is crafted with 1.5mm thick panels, making them durable and resistant to water and moisture. Plus, they’re designed to be breathable, ensuring your cat stays comfortable.
The O-CHH-C wooden cat house boasts alloy doors and windows, along with a top ventilated window that enhances the comfort of your feline friend. Additionally, a temperature monitor is included to help you determine the optimal temperature for your cat’s comfort.
wooden cat house

Select colour O-CHH-C

  • O-CHH-C01: Marbled Grey
  • O-CHH-C02: Tiffany Blue
  • O-CHH-C03: Modern Grey
  • O-CHH-C04: Sakura Pink
  • O-CHH-C05: Pearl White
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8 Features about Wooden Cat House

  1. Thickened plates: The plates used in the wooden cat house are thicker than usual.
  2. Water and moisture resistant: The wooden cat house is designed to resist water and moisture.
  3. Alloy door frame: The frame of the door is made of alloy material.
  4. 3C toughened glass: The glass used in the wooden cat house is 3C toughened, which means it meets the safety standards set by the Chinese government.
  5. Temperature display: The wooden cat house has a display that shows the temperature.
  6. Cat ventilation window: The wooden cat house has a window that allows for ventilation specifically for cats.
  7. No nail holes on surface: The surface of the wooden cat house does not have any visible nail holes.
  8. With free access door: The wooden cat house has a door that allows for free access.

luxury cat house feature

Ventilation without Odour

Comfortable heat dissipation without straining your cat to breathe Ventilation on both sides of the breathable barrier is smooth and allows your cat to breathe fresh air.

Enjoys the Wide Platform

Interacting with cats is more fun. Designed for loving pets, even fat cats can turn around quickly and easily.

Whole Landscape Toughened Glass

Strong resistance, not easy to break. Pet vision more open, glass strength good and scratch resistance strong, ensure safety.

The Cat House also contains:

  • LED Lights: Bring warm lighting and a cute home for your cat
  • Scratching Post: Environmental protection has no peculiar smell, wear resistant to catch
  • Suspension Bridge: Interesting and practical, let the cat to play freely
  • Exit door: Convenient for cats enter in and out

Indoor cat house feature



Q: How can I keep my cat warm without electricity?

A: Keeping your cat warm without an electric blanket for your pet’s house, you need to find ways to keep the heat in your cat’s house. The best advice is to put blankets inside the wooden cat house, which will help them keep the heat in.

Q: How to build a cat play house?

A: A small, warm house can save a feral cat’s life in the winter. We can make it from a few simple materials. Let me tell you some simple tips: first find the right material around, determine the size, cut and glue, and pay attention to the entrance and exit. If you put it outdoors, you need to lift it off the ground for fear of rain getting in. Using a wooden cat house will allow to make the cat house last much longer. Put some food, water and cat litter inside and outside the wooden cat house, because cats don’t like to eat and go to the toilet in the same space either.

Cat House Size


Package size

Package 1: 128*65*12cm
Package 2: 62*24*12cm




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