Why should Osun cat water dispenser set up breathing light?

Cats may have trouble drinking water from pure white water dispensers due to their unique visual system. In an experiment, two dispensers, one pure white and the other pure black, were used, and it was observed that the black dispenser was used more frequently. This is because the white dispenser may cause the cat to not see the water and assume that there is none available. To confirm that water is present, cats often touch the dispenser with their paw before drinking, which may seem silly to humans.
Osun combines the cat water dispenser with the breathing light function to increase the cat’s drinking water:
1. Provide visual stimulation: Cats often develop a keen interest in moving objects and light. By adding the breathing light function to the water dispenser, flickering or changing light and shadow can be produced on the water surface to attract the cat’s attention. This visual stimulation can stimulate the cat’s curiosity and interest in the drinking fountain, thereby prompting them to approach and use the drinking fountain more frequently.
2. FOR EXTRA ENTERTAINMENT: Cats are curious and playful animals. Combining the breathing light feature with a water dispenser provides extra entertainment for cats. The changing and flickering lights can stimulate the cat’s hunting instinct and desire to play, making it more interesting to interact and stay around the water fountain. This entertaining experience can make cats enjoy drinking more, thereby increasing their water intake.
3. Create positive associations: Cats are highly associative animals. Combining the function of the breathing light with the water dispenser can establish a cat’s positive association with the light and the water dispenser through conditioned reflex. When cats see a flashing light, they may associate it with the presence of a water fountain and use the light as a sign of the water fountain. Over time, cats will develop an association between light and water, which may prompt them to visit the water fountain more often.
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