How to choose cat supplies for frequent travellers?

We have cats ourselves, and whenever it comes to if the company travels, or if I have to go on a trip, the biggest headache is how to get my pets to behave. At first we tried to put the cat at a friend’s house, but the friend didn’t look after it very well and the cat came back with cat moss, for which we paid a lot.

The second time we put it at a friend’s house, their two children were particularly fond of cats and the first thing they did every day when they came back from school was to masturbate them. My cat has since developed a stress reaction, for example, when we take him out camping, the cat has a stress reaction and can’t close his open mouth.

It occurred to us that this was not an option, so then we had to put our cat in a vet hospital, which does take good care of it, but the cost is really high. So we thought how can we solve this problem.

Cat Supplies 1: Automatic Cat litter box

The first thing you need is an automatic litter box that can self-cleaning. We recommend this cat litter box O-LR-A that your cat can use for up to two weeks without changing the litter, and you can be away from home for up to two weeks. The cat litter box also has a very nice feature, it will disinfect and deodorise itself with UV light after the cat has used the litter box.

Cat Supplies 2: Cat Food Feeder

I recommend the cat feeder O-CF-A to you because he has 4L of storage space, you can set the feeding time using the mobile app, and you can do video voice interaction with your pet at any time. I am very happy when he runs over to eat obediently every time I open the app and call him over to eat.

Cat Supplies 3: Cat Water Dispenser

The best feature of this cat water dispenser is that the dispenser will automatically dispense water when the cat is near the dispenser. With a large storage space of 2.2L, we have measured that our two cats can use the water for almost 10 days, and the filtering cotton in the middle can ensure that your cat can quote clean and hygienic water for a long time.

Peace of mind three-piece set

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