How long does cat dry box take to dry a shorthair cat?

Cat drying box takes about 70-100 minutes to dry a short haired cat in a drying oven, we have two cats that are both short haired and we usually set it for 120 minutes, but by the time we get to the 70 minute mark, they’re mostly dry, it’s just the tummies, paws, and other a little tougher to dry areas that take longer. If you’re a hothead, you can take it out and it won’t affect your cat’s health.

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Do cat dry box harbor bacteria?

Anything that stays wet at all times will harbor bacteria, so Osun’s cat dry box will stay dry and the inside of the dryer will be dry when your cat is being dried, and we also recommend that you use the disinfectant feature and turn the cat dry box on for 20 minutes every time you use it to disinfect the inside of the dryer, which also prevents bacteria from growing inside the dryer. Osun does everything we can to keep your cat healthy!

Can the cat dryer box only dry one cat?

Osun’s O-HD-B is designed with a size of 500*440*470 (mm), which can accommodate two cats of 6-10 pounds, and the two cats can be blown dry in 70-100 minutes successively, because the principle of this dryer is the all-round reflux wind, which will make the cat’s whole body be caressed by the warm wind inside the dryer, and won’t make the cat have a sense of impatience. That’s what our two cats did, licking each other’s fur inside and being very cozy.

What is the maximum temperature a cat drying box can reach?

The maximum temperature of a drying oven for cats is usually between 40-45 degrees Celsius. The maximum temperature of drying ovens can vary from brand to brand and model to model. Therefore, when using a drying oven, you need to know its maximum temperature according to the specific drying oven manual and follow the instructions to ensure the safety and health of your cat.

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