How does automatic cat litter box know when its full?

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The automatic cat litter box has a Distance Sensor on top that detects the waste level in the Waste Drawer. The DFI Sensor measures the waste level during each Clean cycle as the Waste Port passes over the Waste Drawer.

How long can you leave an automatic cat litter box?

Automatic Litter Pan with Sweeping Function.

The Automatic Litter Box also features a safety sensor that detects if your cat returns to the litter box and resets itself automatically. This automatic litter box is recommended for use with Osun Premium Crystal Ore Cat Litter and the litter box with this litter will last approximately 30 days.

Can two cats share one automatic cat litter box?

There is no problem with two cats using the same automatic litter box, the two cats we added will take turns using it and they have become very accustomed to using the automatic litter box, and as you can tell by their movements and frequency, love this their litter box.

Why are automatic cat litter boxes so expensive?

Hey there! The price of an automatic cat litter box can be affected by the level of technology it includes. Some self-cleaning boxes don’t have a motor and instead use sifting, which requires you to rotate them to separate the clean and dirty litter. Hope that helps!
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Osun Best Litter Box

  • detected>300g, auto reset
  • Identify multiple cats
  • Detect the weight of cat litter
  • Monitor cat weight
  • Identify foreign objects

How long does it take for a cat to use the automatic cat litter box?

Your cat should be able to use the automatic cat litter box within several days to a week of setting it up. Many cats even use it on the very first day! Just make sure to ease your cat into transitioning to the new litter box.

Do automatic cat litter boxes need special litter?

Osun’s automatic litter box can be used with most of the cat litters on the market, and can be used normally for about 10-14 days to change the litter. However, we recommend you try Osun’s own cat litter, which is a crystal and mineral litter, and with Osun’s O-LR-A automatic litter box, we have tested it at home, and it can last for more than 20 days for two cats, or about a month to change the litter if you only have one cat. The key is that there really is no smell.

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