How Does Smart Litter Box Know Which Cat?

That’s really cool! So the sensor can tell which cat is which and keep track of their weight and usage patterns? That’s so helpful for monitoring their health and behavior!

What kind of litter does smart cat litter box use?

The smart cat litter box is designed to work with clumping litter. We suggest using a premium, clay-based clumping litter for optimal performance. It is possible to use certain types of silica gel litter beads and crystals with the smart cat litter box, as long as they are able to pass through the screen.

How to clean a smart cat litter box?

To clean a smart cat litter box, first, turn off the power and remove the waste container. Dispose of the waste properly and clean the container with warm soapy water. Rinse thoroughly and dry. Then, clean the litter box itself with a damp cloth or sponge and mild detergent. Rinse and dry. Finally, replace the waste container and turn on the power.

How much litter do you put in a smart cat litter box?

It is normal to be able to introduce cat litter that is approximately 8-10 lbs (3.6-4.5 kg) by weight or 1 gallon (4 litres) by volume.

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How do you refill litter in a smart cat litter box?

To refill litter in a smart cat litter box, first, make sure the box is turned off and unplugged. Then, remove the old litter and dispose of it properly. Next, add fresh litter to the box, making sure to follow the Osun instructions for the recommended amount. Finally, turn the box back on and let it cycle through its cleaning process before allowing your cat to use it again.

What happens if you put too much litter in smart cat litter box?

Hey, too much cat litter in the globe can cause some problems. Like, it can get stuck during a cycle and that’s no fun. Basically, if there’s too much litter, the extra clean litter will just get thrown into the waste drawer during the first few cycles.

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